Alkaline Water and Human Health: Significant Hypothesize


  • Dr. Shiv Lal Rajasthan Technical University Kota, India
  • Dr. Ashok Kumar Kakodia Department of Chemistry, Government College Rajgarh, Alwar, India
  • Dr. Santosh Kumar Verma Department of Chemistry, SNKP Government College Neemkathana, Sikar, India



Alkaline, Acidic, Potential of Hydrogen, alkaline water and health


The ionized water is better than the raw water for drinking purpose. The acidic and alkaline water can be produced by the water ionization process. The major reason of the disease in human body is acidity and which can be neutralising by the alkaline water. So many benefits of alkaline water for drinking are shown in this communication. The alkaline water or acidic water both are not good for health in longer duration so alkaline water can be use for drinking purpose for medical reasons and it is beneficial of reducing causes of ulcer, cancer etc.


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